About The Gobbler

Hello.  My real name is Noah, I have been known as ‘The Gobbler’ for many years.  There’s an interesting story on how The Gobbler name came about, but I’m not telling.

I have been riding motorcycles since the early 80’s.  I have also have an interest in photography and have been trying to combine my two hobbies.  After reading some books by Neil Peart, I thought ‘Hey, here is a possible outlet for my two hobbies’.  I’m not going write a book because I am certainly no writer, but a blog… I can do that!

I lived in California most of my life, but moved to Colorado in 2014.  Colorado is a fantastic place for both motorcycling and photography.

You will certainly see more pictures than words in this blog because, as stated before, I am no writer (not that I’m a photographer either).

Update:  As you may have read in my ‘My Motorcycling Life Has Taken a Turn‘ post, I no longer ride motorcycles having given it up to focus on my 4Runner and not being killed by a crazy driver.

My future posts will focus on off-roading, trips and photography.  I also have a new website for my photography work, you can see it here: www.noahmartinphotography.com

I welcome all comments, positive and negative.


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