June and I Ride Boreas Pass…

…and do something a little different.

Obviously I like to take pictures while I ride.  Most of the time I just take pictures of scenery as I’m riding or of June while I am riding.  I do like the challenge of trying to take a good picture while trying to ride my motorcycle and not kill myself.  I have taken some pictures that I am quite happy with, but they do have a tendency to all look the same.

On this ride, I wanted to capture June riding while I was on the side of the road.  I loaded up the DSLR and tripod (for some video) and we hit the road.

The chosen destination was Boreas Pass.  We had not been over Boreas yet this year and weren’t even sure it was open.  Boreas Pass is a fairly well groomed dirt road, certainly nothing technical.  The pass runs between the small town of Como and Breckenridge.

A little history of Como here: http://www.southparkheritage.org/como

We left nice and early in the morning hoping to avoid some heat and traffic.

Just outside Como, Colorado
Leaving Como and headed for the pass

We about half way up and stop to start taking pictures and video.  June was up first, she went up and down a couple of times.

Here are some pictures of June:june20182c20201628229-xl




Then it was my turn.  June took some pretty darn good shots!





Not a bad place to stop and take pictures

We then headed up and over the pass.  It being a beautiful day, it was packed at the top so we didn’t even stop.

The scenery was, of course, fantastic!



We stopped on the way down to have some PBJ’s that June made for us and then headed home.

We had left a little after 8:00 am and were home by 2:00 pm.  We could have been home by 12:00, but we certainly stop a lot…how can you not stop?!?!  Amazing that we can do a ride, see such spectacular scenery and be home by 12:00.

Till next time…




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another fun day with you!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Blog Noah.


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