It’s Been a While…

Winters can be tough here in Colorado and this winter was pretty tough.  Usually it snows for a few days and then it gets nice and sunny and the snow melts.  We got our first snow in October and it didn’t seem to stop until May.  It is quite beautiful, but I wanted to ride my bike and the snow just didn’t melt.  Snow/ice in corners can be quite interesting and I just wasn’t interested in risking it.

This is what our winter looked like…



Since our Arrowhead lodge trip, I have only been able to ride a couple of times until last month (May).

My girl June and I were finally able to get out for a proper ride on May 22nd.  It was still a bit chilly, but that’s what heated jackets and grips are for…go ahead, call me a wuss, but I am a comfortable wuss.

We decide to do one of our usual routes, out Hwy 285, along Tarryall Rd to Hwy 24 and then home.  This route is about 154 miles and goes through some very pretty scenery.

Heading south on Hwy 285 towards Kenosha Pass:


Looking back near the top of Kenosha Pass towards Webster Pass:

Just after to top of Kenosha Pass looking down on South Park and the town of Jefferson.


The town of Jefferson was founded in 1879 and has a population of 739 as of 2014.  For a little history of Jefferson, go here:

The turn for Tarryall Rd is in Jefferson.  Tarryall Rd goes through the Pike National forest, although that’s not saying much as a lot of roads go through Pike NF, it’s huge!

A little history of Pike NF here:

A little rest along Tarryall Rd.


Tarryall Rd.

In Woodland Park we turn north on 67, sometimes referred to as Deckers.

67 looking North


I did a few other rides by myself that I didn’t take pictures on.  I won’t bore you with just words without pictures, as I know my writing is not why people come here.  I’m sure I’ll do those rides again and take pictures, so I’ll post when I do.

The next ride with June (my girlfriend, not the month) happened to be in June (the month, not my girlfriend).  We chose to go out the Peak to Peak Highway and check out what looked like a cool road heading down into the little town of Jamestown.

The Peak to Peak is a fantastic road with really nice and smooth sweepers and a ton of spectacular scenery.  Peak to Peak can be very busy during peak (ha ha) times of the year.

One the Peak to Peak

We turn right on Overland Rd.  We hadn’t planned on turning here, but we had passed the turn we were supposed to take.

We take a little break at the turn

Overland Rd heading down into Jamestown is very tight at times and would probably be better heading the other way.  Really have to pay attention or one of those 15 mph turns can leave a mark.

We have lunch at a cool little café called The Merc.

Jamestown was incorporated in 1883 and has a population of about 300 people.  More info on Jamestown here:



Heading out town.  By this time, the Overland Rd had turned into James Canyon Dr.

Again, we miss our turn and end up all the way at the bottom at Hwy 36.  We had actually stopped at the turn we were supposed to take, but there were no signs.  We head back up and take the turn on Lefthand Canyon Rd.  Lefthand Canyon was a nice scenic two lane with no really tight turn.  Certainly would have been better to go the opposite way…next time.

Up near the top of Lefthand Canyon is the tiny town of Ward.  Ward is a former mining settlement founded in 1860 and has a population of about 150.  More info on Ward here:

Ward, CO

We get back onto Peak to Peak and head back home.  Scenery is spectacular!!!  If you ever have a chance to do the Peak to Peak, do not pass it up!

Stop on the side of the road for a little break.

Later in the month I did a ride by myself heading over Guanella Pass.  Guanella Pass is really close to our house, I can be at the top in about 45 minutes.  I leave my house and head towards the little town of Grant.  Guanella Pass runs between Grant CO and Georgetown CO.

About two thirds of the way up from the Grant side


At the top of Guanella Pass


Mt Bierstadt


Looking down the Georgetown side

Once down in Georgetown, I take the I70 frontage road to avoid the highway.  The frontage road is quite fantastic, you would never know that you are right next to a major interstate.

I70 frontage road

I head on home and end another beautiful day of riding in Colorado.  I still can’t believe I am lucky enough to live here.  Sure, the Winters may be tough at times, but Spring, Summer and Fall make it all worth it.  Frankly, the Winters are beautiful too, you just can’t ride as much…or at all.

More rides to come…






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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, babe! Love the photos. Man, are we blessed to live here…together!


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